How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts 2023

How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts 2023

Do you have multiple Pinterest accounts and wish they were just one? Are you tired of switching profiles to see the same post pins or boards? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to merge two Pinterest accounts- so that you can find all of your pins in one place. We’ve simplified the process so that even beginners can easily navigate it. So read on and get ready to combine those accounts! Read more How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts 2023

Who Can Have Two Accounts on Pinterest?

Anyone who has a personal and business account can benefit from merging two Pinterest accounts. By combining the two, you’ll be able to keep track of one profile that shows all your pins and boards instead of managing multiple profiles. How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts?

Merging two Pinterest accounts is quick and easy. Here’s how you do it:

 1: Log into the Pinterest accounts that you wish to merge.

 2: Go to your profile settings and click “Merge Accounts.”

 3: Enter the login credentials for both accounts and select the one that will become your main account.

 4: Click “Merge Accounts” again to confirm.

Once you’ve completed these steps, we will combine all the pins and boards from both accounts into one profile. You can now easily manage your account and ensure all your content is in one place!

Reasons to Have Two Pinterest Accounts?

Having two Pinterest accounts can be helpful in some cases. For example, if you have a personal and business account, it’s better to keep them separate, so your followers understand the different types of content. Additionally, having two accounts can help you target different audiences and create more targeted pins.

How to Move Pins From One Pinterest Account to Another?

If you don’t want to merge two accounts but still need to transfer pins from one account to another, then you can use the “Repin” feature on Pinterest. Here’s how it works:

 1: Find the pin you want to repin and click the share button.

 2: Select the account to which you want to repin the pin.

 3: Click “Repin,” and you’re done!

Using this feature, you can quickly move pins from one account to another without merging them. This is especially helpful if you only need to transfer a few pins instead of all of them.

Does Pinterest Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, Pinterest does delete inactive accounts. If you haven’t accessed your account in over six months or your account has been flagged for spam or inappropriate content, it will be deleted automatically. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to any of your accounts, be sure to log in and use them regularly.

How to Unmerge Pinterest Boards?

How to Unmerge Pinterest Boards?


If you’ve merged two Pinterest accounts and want to unmerge the boards, then it’s easy to do. Go to your profile settings and select “Unmerge Boards.” You’ll then be able to choose which boards you want to keep on each account or if you want to keep them all together. Once you’ve selected, click “Unmerge Boards” to finish the process.

FAQs How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts?

1. How do I merge two Pinterest accounts?

To merge two Pinterest accounts, you can use the “Merge Accounts” feature available on your account’s Account Settings page. You can enter the email addresses associated with both accounts and click on ‘Merge Accounts’ to combine them.

2. How does the merging process work?

Once you have selected to merge accounts, Pinterest will automatically start transferring your content from one account to another. This process can take a few minutes depending on how much content is being transferred, but it will ensure that all your boards, pins, likes, and other content will be transferred over.

3. How can I switch between two merged accounts?

Once the two accounts have been successfully merged, you can switch between them easily by logging out of one account and then logging into the other. You can also access both accounts through a single login, combining all your content.

4. How do I make sure my content is transferred correctly?

To help ensure that your content will be transferred correctly, log out of both accounts before merging them and double-check the email address associated with each account. After the merge, you can verify which pins and boards were transferred over by checking each account.

5. How do I delete a merged account?

To delete a merged account, go to the Account Settings page and click on the ‘Delete Account’ button. Please note that this will delete both accounts associated with the merge process since they have been combined. You can also keep one account active and delete the other if desired.


Merging two Pinterest accounts is a great way to manage multiple accounts and keep your content organized in one place. With the help of the “Merge Accounts” feature, you can quickly transfer content from one account to another and make sure everything looks consistent across both accounts. Double-check the email addresses associated with each account before merging and delete any accounts you no longer need. We hope you enjoy reading How to Merge Two Pinterest Accounts 2023.

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