How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat That Blocked You

How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat That Blocked You

Are you trying to unpin someone on Snapchat that has blocked you? Then this post is for you. Blockers can be frustrating, not letting you see or contact them even when using a social media platform like Snapchat. But don’t worry – it’s possible to bypass the blocking feature and still un-pin someone from your friend list! In this blog post, we’ll walk through how to un-pin someone who has blocked you on Snapchat, discussing the different ways of doing so depending on your situation. So if you’re looking for an effective solution for unpinning someone who blocked you – read on!

Follow These Steps To Unpin

1. Check your friend list. You can un-pin them if the blocked person is still on your list.

2. Try using a third-party app. There are several apps available that allow you to connect with users who have blocked you on Snapchat. These include Casper, Snapkeep, and Snaphack – all of which may be able to help you un-pin the blocker.

3. Contact Snapchat support. If all else fails, you can reach out to Snapchat’s support team and ask them for help to un-pin the user who has blocked you. They may provide a workaround or additional information that will enable you to un-pin the blocker.

Why Can I Unpin 1 Person On Snapchat?

Snapchat has been developed as an iOS app which is why it is possible to unpin only one person from your contacts list. This limitation is because Snapchat does not have a feature that allows you to manage multiple contacts in the same way.

Therefore, if you are trying to unpin someone from your Snapchat contact list who has blocked you, you will need to do so manually. This can be done by following the steps outlined below.

 1: Tap on the Snapchat icon to open the app.

 2: Select the profile icon in your screen’s top left corner.

 3: Locate the person you would like to unpin from your contacts list.

 4: Tap and hold on to the person’s profile picture for two seconds.

 5: A menu of options appears on your screen. Select the ‘Unpin’ option.

 6: Confirm that you want to unpin the person from your contact list by tapping the ‘Unpin’ button.

That’s it! You have successfully unpinned someone on Snapchat that blocked you. Repeat the above steps if you want to repin them and select the ‘Pin’ option instead of the ‘Unpin’ option.

Remember, Snapchat limitations mean you can only unpin one person from your contacts list at a time. If you have additional questions about unpinning someone on Snapchat who blocked you, contact the Snapchat support team for further assistance.

Can You Open Snaps From Someone Who Blocked You

Unfortunately, the answer is no. When someone blocks you on Snapchat, they will no longer be able to view your snaps or stories, and you will no longer be able to view theirs. You can still search for them in the app, but if you attempt to send them a snap or a message, you will see an error message explaining that the user is unavailable.

Additionally, if you have already opened a snap from someone who has blocked you, it will remain visible in your chat window until the timer runs out. Once this happens, the snap will be deleted, and you will no longer be able to view it. However, you can still add them as friends if they have unblocked you. This will allow them to view your snaps and stories, although they may not be able to respond or send any new snaps to you.

What Does Pinning Someone As Your #1 BFF Do

Pinning someone as your number one BFF on Snapchat is a way to show them how close you are. When you do this, the person’s profile picture will appear at the top of your contact list, and they will be given priority notifications when viewing your snaps. Any time you send them a snap, their profile picture will appear at the top of your screen.

When you pin someone as your number one BFF, it symbolizes that they are important to you and that you want them to be the first person to see your snaps. This is a way of showing appreciation for someone’s friendship and can be a great way to strengthen your bond with them.

If you want to pin someone as your number one BFF on Snapchat, follow the steps outlined above when unpinning someone and select the ‘Pin’ option instead of the ‘Unpin’ option. Once they are pinned, they will be the first person to receive your snaps and stories.

Can 2 People Be On 1 Snapchat Account At the Same Time

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Snapchat does not allow two people to be logged into the same account simultaneously. The only way to use multiple accounts on the same device is to log out of each account and switch between them. This can be done by tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen and selecting a different account.

In addition, Snapchat does not allow people to share their accounts. This means that if one person wants to use a Snapchat account, they must create their own and cannot share an existing one.


1. How do I unpin someone who blocked me on Snapchat?

The only way to unpin someone who has blocked you on Snapchat is by having that person unblock you first. Once they have done so, you can remove them manually from the pins list.

2. How do I know if someone blocked me on Snapchat?

If another user has blocked you, you will no longer be able to see that person’s profile or stories within the app. Additionally, any messages sent to them will remain undelivered.

3. How can I unblock someone on Snapchat?

To unblock someone on Snapchat, open the app and go to Settings > Blocked. Here you will find a list of all users that have been blocked. To unblock them, tap the “X” beside their name and confirm your choice.

4. How do I remove someone’s story from my pins?

In the Snapchat app, go to Settings > Pins. Here you can view a list of pinned stories and remove items by tapping on the trashcan icon beside them.

5. How do I stop someone from pinning my story?

If you wish to prevent another user from pinning your stories, you must block them. To do this, open the Snapchat app and go to Settings > Blocked. Here you can enter the name of the person you wish to block and tap “Block.” Once they are blocked, they will no longer be able to pin your stories on their profile.


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