Panera Bread Pizza

Panera Bread Pizza

Panera Flatbread Pizzas are always a best seller in our bakery cafes, and for a good reason. Our chefs have devised a wide range of original and delicious Flatbread Pizza ideas for you to try out at home since they know that our customers enjoy culinary exploration just as much as they do. Delicious culinary items, like our Dressings and Soups, inspired by Panera cafes, are now available at supermarkets everywhere.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy pizza recipe, consider one of these five flatbread variations.

Flatbread Pizza with Broccoli and Cheddar

‘Yum’ isn’t strong enough of a word to describe this flatbread dish. 

Instead of using traditional pizza sauce, we use our famous Broccoli Cheddar Soup as the bottom layer, and then we add extra broccoli, bacon, and cheese on top. 

Panera-city is at an all-time high with this Broccoli Cheddar Flatbread Pizza.

Pizza with Chipotle Chicken and Ranch Dressing on Flatbread

Every mouthful of our well-balanced and tasty Chipotle Chicken and Ranch Flatbread Pizza has Panera’s Creamy Buttermilk Ranch to soften the heat of the chipotle-seasoned chicken. 

You may think of the dressing as a tangy sauce that complements the Monterey Cheddar jack, bacon, and red onion with a classic Ranch herb taste.

Two new Flatbread Pizzas are available at Panera.

Panera Bread has added two new kinds of Flatbread Pizza to its menu as of today.

  • Panera’s famous crisp crust meets classic pepperoni and Industry tomato bell pepper sauce in the Pepperoni Flatbread.
  • Parmesan, mozzarella, fontina, and feta cheeses are layered above a white garlic cream sauce in Four Cheese Flatbread.

The Flatbread Pizza selection at Panera begins at $7.99 and is also available as part of the company’s new Flatbread Family Feast bundles. 

Two Flatbread Pizzas and two salads are $23 in this new bargain package, and three Flatbread Pizzas and three salads are $29 in total.

In October 2020, Panera Bread introduced its Flatbread Pizza in three flavors: Cheese, Margherita, and Chipotle Chicken & Bacon. 

Or more than five million pizzas have been sold, according to the company’s literature.

Panera Introduces Two New Flatbread Pizza Varieties

It made headlines a few months ago when it introduced handmade flatbread pizzas to its autumn menu. 

Panera chose to increase their selection of flatbreads from the original three (Margherita, Chipotle Chicken & Barbeque, and Cheese) to meet customer demand when their popularity skyrocketed.

It said on Wednesday that it would be updating its menu for January to include two new varieties of flatbread pizza, new value menu discounts, and a new fries bowl to help combat the season’s chill. 

Whenever you order at Panera, you may choose from the following additions.

Pepperoni Flatbread

Previously, red meat wasn’t available on Panera’s flatbread menu, but now it is. 

The new Pepperoni Flatbread is a favorite because of its mozzarella, pepperoni, and vegetable bell pepper sauce atop a crisp crust.

Four Cheese Flatbread

You can never get cheesy enough, which is why Panera served the new Four Cheese Naan in addition to its classic Cheese Flatbread flavor. 

The four-cheese masterpiece boasts a crisp crust covered with creamy white garlic sauce and a blend of Parmesan, feta, mozzarella and feta olives.

Flatbread Family Feast Value Meals

Panera’s Flatbread Family Feast packages are convenient if you need to provide food for a large family (or your freeloading housemates). 

Your choices are as follows:

  • Enjoy two flatbread pizzas, two salads, and a garlic knot for $23.
  • Family Feast with 3 Flatbread Pizzas: $29 for three pizzas and three salads.

Any two of the five flatbread varieties plus a choice of Caesar or Greek salads make up a combination.

Although Panera lists the Flatbread Family Feasts at $23 and $29 online, the actual costs at your local Panera may be different.

Broccoli Bowl and Teriyaki Chicken

Because bowls are all the rage at the moment, it’s not surprising that Panera is introducing a new bowl option. 

Cilantro lime brown rice and chicken thigh, quinoa, and steamed broccoli florets fill the warm Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli Bowl, which is topped with sesame seeds and fresh cilantro and glazed with soy sauce teriyaki. It also comes with a side dish of your choosing.


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